Greg Saulsbury - Computer Services
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Service Area
The Texarkana area of service encompasses parts of Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, Northwest Louisiana, and Southeast Oklahoma.  Most of these areas can be covered by same day service calls.
About Greg
Greg has been working with and repairing all types of Macintosh computers and peripherals for over twenty years. He has extensive experience with and can trouble-shoot Macs running any MAC OS. ( 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and OSX and OSX Server). With years of office networking experience, including peer-to-peer projects and server/client installation, you can trust Greg for all of your networking needs. Greg also has years of Windows experience and specializes in cross-platform networking. He is fluent with all Microsoft software for Macintosh as well as Filemaker Pro, Quicken, Quickbooks for Mac, Claris-AppleWorks, and all "i" software from Mac.